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my journey into nutrition and personal fitness...


After starting a family, I became very interested in health and nutrition - especially for my kids. 


Ten years after becoming a mom - in 2009 - I was involved in a terrible car accident which left me in physical therapy for years and struggling to overcome nerve and hip and joint damage, a spinal injury and a traumatic brain injury.   My parting advice from my physical therapist was to always exercise, because some of my injuries would never heal and even relapse if I quit. 

I learned a hard lesson, when I stopped exercising for almost a year - then I fell and really hurt myself so bad that when I tried to do my physical therapy exercises I actually could not lift my leg - which really freaked me out.  I realized I needed to take care of myself - like so many  moms - I had put my emphasis on my family and my kids while loosing my balance of prioritizing me too.   Exercise and strength training became a passion for me.


By sheer Grace - in 2012 - I decided to  enroll in a Master of Science program for Holistic Nutrition (while homeschooling three kids at the same time!)  I do not recommend doing that...  


In the beginning it was so hard for me to learn.  So I would sit and read all of my material and books out loud to help me retain information. 


In the midst of that struggle, something amazing happened.


Each course took us through nourishing and healing the various systems of the body, and as I Iearned the science behind nutrition, I applied all this to myself and my family.   I discovered how to nourish my brain & my nervous system.  I learned how to detox and support my liver, heal my digestive system and how to replenish my reserves and eat for healing and life and rejuvenation. 

Sometimes health is a matter of peeling back the layers. Despite all that healthy nutrition, and the improvements I was making,  I was also still feeling tired  and run down all the time.  


In 2016, I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease along with several coinfections.  This was at the same time I was writing my Masters Thesis on a holistic nutrition program for Chronic Lyme (talk about the stars aligning). 


My adrenals were shot and my immune system was impaired.   Lyme disease is multi-systemic and robs the body of nutrition and resources.


My Naturopath took one look at my labs and told me "the only explanation for the fact that you are still walking is how well you nourish yourself."  


That really brought home to me the power of a healthy nutrient rich food and a wellness centered lifestyle.  Struggling through my accident and a chronic illness has been a great opportunity to grow.  


I know the challenges to healing, the struggle with low energy and the two steps forward only to take three steps back.  As a wife and mom, there were days I didn't even know how I would care for my family.  


Now I have energy, vitality and such optimism about my health and yours. too  And I am on a mission.    Every obstacle in life is really an opportunity, an illness is no different.  


Having walked my own journey of recovery, I can help you too!

I look forward to working with you!

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