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More Kale Salad - Please!

Even my friends who claim not to like Kale love this kale salad. It’s massaged with salt and lemon and olive oil which basically tenderizes and cooks the kale leaves. Ingredients •3 cups chopped kale (I use lacinato) •1/4 onions chopped •4 strawberries sliced and quartered •pinch of Celtic sea salt •juice of one lemon •1/2 cucumber chopped For the Preparation I really think chopping salad ingredients into small pieces makes a difference in the enjoyment of any salad - so start by chopping all your ingredients and remove the center vein of the kale. Place kale in a bowl and sprinkle salt and lemon. Massage the kale, mixing and squeezing the leaves for 5 minutes or so. You will see the color of the leaves brighten and also the salt draws the water out. The leaves will get really tender. Add remaining ingredients and toss. You can serve immediately or prepare a couple of hours before your meal.

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