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autumn avgolemeno soup

One of my favorite soups to make and to enjoy is a lemony Greek chicken soup called Avgolemeno. It is so rich and nourishing and warming and surprisingly also very simple to make. My kids and my husband love it!


6 cups chicken stock (homemade is really the best)

3 eggs

3-4 tablespoons lemon juice

1-1/2 cups cooked rice

1-1/2 cups cooked shredded chicken meat


Place chicken broth in a soup pot and bring to a simmer.

While the soup is simmering crack eggs and whisk to scramble in a small bowl. Add lemon juice and whisk to incorporate.

Very slowly drizzle eggs into the simmering soup while whisking to prevent the eggs from clumping. You want to make a lemony broth rather than an egg drop soup consistency.

Add the cooked rice and cooked chicken and stir to incorporate. You want to just warm the soup. Do not bring it to a boil or the eggs will separate and get scrambly in the soup.

Now for the best part. Enjoy it.

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